15 Simple Storage Ideas For Everyday Situations

Weve gotten used to taking storage for granted and its not until were faced with the challenge of designing and planning a home interior from scratch that we realize just how many different options there are. Each type of room has its own type of designated storage options. On top of that you can always be creative and come up with various custom storage ideas. Its actually a very exciting and interesting thing to focus on and we have some ideas of our own that wed like to share with you.

Living rooms in general are very diversified in terms of storage. Combinations of bookshelves and closed cabinet modules are very common. This offers the possibility to have certain items organized and stored out of sight and to place others on display.

Splitting a large unit into several smaller modules helps to make the entire thing look less bulky and robust. At the same time, theres plenty of freedom to arrange the modules in various different formations that add depth and character to the room.

Storing items on shelves is practical and easy and an eye-catching shelving unit can make things quite exciting. This one right here has a simple structure and makes up for it through various interesting details such as the striped pattern and the support rods.

Shelving units can double as space dividers. Thats something you can take advantage of when furnishing and organizing a large open plan area. Similarly, a shelving unit can become a visual separator for a master bedroom. It can sit between the sleeping area and the en-suite tub. eliminating the need for a full wall.

Dining rooms are similar to living areas when it comes to storage. Open shelves and wall-mounted modules in combination with cabinets and console tables are all good options. Sometimes these two spaces blend together and so do their storage systems.

Add backlighting to wall-mounted shelves to make them stand out. Its a cool idea for a modern or a contemporary space and a nice way to add some mood lighting to the room in a way thats also practical.

Asymmetrical designs are always interesting and exciting. This storage unit has a very inspiring design. It combines several different colors and its shelves and cubbies have different shapes and sizes. This gives the unit a dynamic appearance.

Shelves and storage modules with built-in accent lighting come in a variety of different forms. LED bands attached to the underside of shelves and cabinets are very practical and can also be added later on to existing furniture.

Shelves can be used to connect two large cabinets or to fill in an empty space. Theyre very practical in kitchens. Its often a nice idea to have open shelves in and around the cooking area so you can keep the most-used items close at hand and easily accessible.

When dealing with a small space, its useful to maximize its storage capacity by incorporating custom furniture and a diversity of different types of storage such as shelves, cubbies, racks, wall-mounted, freestanding and so on. A few types of spaces to keep in mind are the laundry room, kitchen and sometimes entryway.

Adding lots of furniture and storage modules to a room doesnt necessarily make the space seem cluttered and small. A nice trick is to use wall-mounted and floating units and to leave some space between the pieces. Alternating between open and closed modules can also help.

Simplifying your storage to the point that you no longer require the usual furniture pieces is an interesting idea. In the case of a bedroom for example you can get rif of the closet and use open shelves and a freestanding clothing rack instead.

Bathrooms and shelves work hand in hand, especially those that are particularly small. You can use bathroom shelves both for storage and display purposes. Theyre perfect for those areas where cabinets and other types of furniture wouldnt fit or would be impractical to use.

We also like the idea of a ladder-style towel rack for the bathroom. It looks very casual and chic and its also very practical. You can lean it against a wall or have it physically attached to the wall for added support and stability. This of course can be an addition to other types of bathroom storage such as vanities, cabinets and wall-mounted shelves. Floating units are especially great from a visual and aesthetic point of view.

Kids arent the best at keeping their rooms clean and organized so you have to plan the storage design carefully. Once again, open shelves are a good idea because theyre easy to use and versatile. Toy chests are also great. In any case, you might want to avoid making the storage units look too formal or overwhelming. Thats never inspiring even if the design might be more practical in some cases.

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