Domestic Science: An Exciting New Limited-Edition Collection from Ikea

Its as if Ikea has been reading our minds and hacking into our in-boxesbecause their new limited-edition collection of housekeeping wares is exactly what weve been hoping for: good-looking, well-made, well-priced everyday domestic tools made from natural materials. Heres what were eyeing from their Borstad line, in stores this February:

Photography courtesy of Ikea.

Above: The products in the Borstad line are all made from natural materials such as hardwood, cedar, metal, rattan and canvas. From left: a rattan Carpet Beater ($5.99), a linen Shoe Bag ($4.99), a Dust Pan and Brush ($12.99), a Hanging Organizer ($12.99), a standing Dust Pan and Broom, ($19.99), and an Apron ($9.99). Above: The Borstad line includes laundry solutions like a solid beech Drying Rack ($34.99) and a Basket with Handles ($29.99). Above: The Wall Drying Rack is $34.99 and the Laundry Basket is $39.99. Hanging on the bottom rung is a Cleaning Cloth from the collection ($5.99 for 2). Above: The galvanized stainless steel Dust Pan and Brush are sold together for $12.99. Above: Other cleaning tools in the collection include a Rinsing Tub ($19.99), a powder-coated Bottle Holder with Handle ($9.99), a Pump Bottle ($2.99), and a Scrub Brush ($3.99). Above: The Shoe Brush is $4.99. The galvanized steel Box is $14.99.

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