Down the rabbit hole again

I hope all had a wonderful Thanksgiving with family, friends and good food. I think this was the easiest holiday dinner I even cooked. I even had time to take a NAP while the turkey was in the oven. I don't know what I did different than I have done the last 40+ years of holiday dinners but it seemed to be effortless. I credit the new kitchen layout!

And then the opposite happened. Ever have one of those days when a simple light bulb change leads to nine other things none of which were on your to-do list? That was my yesterday. It started with my husband wanting to change out the light bulbs in the ceiling fans which required the extension (cathedral ceiling) ladder. That lead to my climbing up to clean the ceiling fans, and the exposed beams across the room. Which was side tracked by getting the duster I use that was buried under too many things hung on the rack in the laundry room which led to a sort out of the grocery bags and plastic bags and not to mention all the lost bras that I hang on the rack to air dry. While the ladder was in the house, I decided to wash the windows up in the a-frame peak. Which lead to washing the other 8 windows and the sliding glass door in that room. That lead to pulling out furniture from the wall, which lead to wiping baseboards. Somehow sorting the paperwork on my desk, filing papers, composing some letters for my bother's estate and writing some estate checks came next. No need to continue, you get the picture of how my day was spent taking care of things that were nice to get accomplished but no where near my to-do list of things I wanted to accomplish. Just call me side-track Robin.

And remember my pledge to keep my workbench clean and free from being the dumping ground for all things? Well I have kept my pledge.........but

don't look at the other side of the room where the things have landed. Ugh! I see an evening this week taming this mess.

but enough.....

I've got some stitching updates to share. First, at my last guild meeting (Delaware Valley Historic Sampler Guild - DVHSG) one of the classes was with Janis Note of Notheworthy Needle. We learned to drill foam pumpkins to later be cross stitched. Here's my start. I didn't get all the holes drilled during class......and work on it since has been sidetracked by other things.

At my November EGA meeting we made these neat wool candy canes. We were lucky enough to have Sue Gonzales of instruct us. Sue provide the pre-stitched wool that was stitched with a channel where we inserted 18-gauge wire, we then scrunched, twisted, crimped and bent these into the candy cane shape. These were so super easy. We each completed three in about a half hour. Sue has a ton of original, adorable designs and is a pleasure to work with. If you are lucky enough to be in the Middletown DE area, you may be able to get her to come to your guild or you can stop at her shop.

Stitching progress has been mediocre. I have finished three of the smalls for the Betsy Morgan Poineer Girl Etui. Next up, I will work on the pin cushion that makes up the spine of the book. I am enjoying these quick finishes and working with the beautiful silks that are part of the project.

I'm off to start the holiday decorations. Might even treat myself to take-outs so I don't have to stop and cook dinner.

As always, thanks for stopping by and keep on stitching.