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Happy Friday dear readers! Have you missed me as much as I've missed you? I took some  much needed time off to recharge my batteries so I could come back refreshed and ready to share all kinds of fun and creative ideas with you

I'm not "officially" back until Monday, so today I'm sharing a guest post from organization expert with Modular Closets, Marty Basher. I hope you enjoy her insightful ideas and tips on how to get all the storage spaces in your home organized during National Homeowners Month. Even if you aren't a home owner yet, this will help you get your space organized.  Let's Get Organized! My thanks to Marty Basher,  the design and organization expert with Modular Closets for sharing her tips with us today. No compensation was given.  June is National Homeowners Month- By Marty Basher: From the Kitchen Pantry, Linen Closet and Laundry Room to the Bedroom and Bathroom, Getting Your Storage Areas Organized Is a Great Way to Get More...

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Does laundry never seem to end? Has your child missed a special day because their favorite top was not cleaned? Did they have to wear a dirty uniform to a game? Did you want to wear favorite dress out only to discover it was dirty?

We’ll have part two coming in a few weeks. It’s Laundry Time! Here are some laundry statistics from Laundry Organizing Stats The average American family does 8–10 loads of laundry each week.   A single load of laundry, from wash to dry, takes an average of one hour and twenty-seven minutes to complete.   Only 21.2 percent of American households use a clothesline.   Because I like to be green, I wanted to share some statistics. I have had HE washer and dryer for years and our home is one of the most energy-efficient in our neighborhood—our power company sends us quarterly updates.   If you are looking to by HE washers, this may motivate you. Even if you...

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Luxurious Under Sink Storage Ideas

25.07.2018 – 10 Brilliant Under-Sink Organizers You’ll Want, Like, Right Now. 1 Expandable Under Sink Storage Rack. 2 Pull-Out Organizer With Caddy. 3 Over-Cabinet Storage Basket. 4 Over-Cabinet Hair Tool Caddy. 5 Floating Cabinet Door Shelves. 6 Sliding Tiered Under-Sink Organizer. 7 Pull-Out U-Shaped Under Sink Organizer. The storage space under the sink is a problem due to weird plumbing angles, and is usually dark and dingy. If you have a bathroom vanity, use the cabinet as sto. . Simply Done: The Most Beautiful – and Organized! – Linen Closet Linen . Explore Organizer AZ 911’s board “Under the Sink Organizing” on Pinterest. See more ideas about Kitchen Storage, Kitchen organization and Organized . 03.03.2018 – stacking bins from the Dollar Tree...

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