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So fresh and so clean: 8 tips for doing laundry during extended trips

Laundry is a chore, but at least most people have a familiar method for getting it done at home. But, when you’re on a trip, laundry can become a much bigger hassle. Sure, people all around the world do laundry, but it can sometimes be difficult to get laundry done as a traveler at a reasonable cost. Trust me, I know since I’ve now lived on the road for more than two years and have to consider where and how to do laundry approximately every ten days. Related: The 7 Best Starter Travel Credit Cards So, by necessity my husband JT and I have come up with various tips and tricks for doing laundry on the road, as well as...

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Southwest Rapid Rewards Plus Card: A Cheap, Quick Way to Earn Points

The Southwest Rapid Rewards Plus Credit Card is the cheapest Southwest credit card on the market, which is either a strength or weakness depending on how you look at it. While the $69 annual fee is nice and low, the Plus card doesn’t have many perks to keep you interested past the initial welcome bonus Card Rating*:  *Card Rating is based on the opinion of TPG’s editors and is not influenced by the card issuer. In a hobby now dominated by ultra-premium credit cards with $450+ annual fees and a laundry list of luxury perks, I never thought I’d be saying that a $69 credit card — the most bare-bones version that Southwest offers — might be valuable to loyal Southwest customers,...

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Why airline mileage runs are a bad idea

Check out all of TPG’s mileage run series: TPG challenged 3 people to fly as far as they could for $725 — here’s what happened How and why to book a mileage run What to pack on a mileage run Years ago, I was a top-tier United 1K elite traveler. That essentially meant I didn’t have lots of the problems that may affect most air travelers. I boarded the plane first, there was always overhead bin space for my carry-on, I was able to confirm upgrades to first class on certain flights, I could get free snacks even if I didn’t land myself in first, I didn’t have to pay many types of fees, had quick access to priority help...

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