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25 Effective Bedroom Storage Ideas To Make The Most Of Your Space

Your clothes are scattered in the corner. Clutter fills your nightstand because you’re not quite sure where to put your piles of books and knick-knacks. The top of your dresser is a mess of disorganized jewelry. And inside the drawers, it’s tough to locate anything in the mixed-up socks and accessories. Needless to say, you need some bedroom storage ideas. An organized bedroom ensures everything has its place. A bit of effort now can help you stay organized down the road. Keep your bedroom tidy and free of clutter, and you’ll never have to tiptoe around dirty laundry again. With a well thought out closet configuration and plenty of functional storage, getting ready for the day is so much easier....

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Design Tips To Make A Small Bathroom Better

Sometimes you fall in love with a house despite its small bathroom size, as there may be some other strong qualities you don’t want to pass up. Fortunately, there are several things you can do to make your tiny bathroom appear larger and more functional. Here are a few options to consider. Decorate in Neutral Colors Avoid the temptation to paint your bathroom lavender or neon red. Instead, use white or neutral shades to brighten the walls and ceiling. Dark flooring is fine for contrast, but you might want to add pastel decorative elements, such as a bathroom mat, shower curtain, and towels. Window blinds or curtains can be more expansive to make a small window appear larger, or a...

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