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5 Expert Tips: How to Clean Your Woolens

Fall is the time to swap out lighter-weight bedding and welcome back woolens. But before you do, you may want to consider freshening up your wool blankets. How to do it properly? We posed the question to Kellen Tucker, owner of Sharktooth, a Brooklyn store specializing in vintage blankets, textiles, and rugs. For the past decade, she says, she’s been conducting her own lengthy experiments in fabric care. “When clients ask how to wash wool,” she says, “my impulse is to say, ‘Please don’t.’ Wool is an incredibly resilient fiber, but it requires the gentlest handling in water and is often best left alone.” That said, to make sure her offerings are spotless and sweet smelling, Kellen and her crew hand-clean pretty...

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6 Home Upgrades You Could Tackle In A Weekend

Most of the projects on your home renovation checklist are probably pretty lofty. Maybe you have big plans for putting a pool in your backyard or installing a frameless shower in your master bath. While all of those things will happen in time, there are few items you can probably check off your list right now. Here are six home upgrades that you could tackle in a weekend. Who’s ready to DIY?! 1. Install new backsplash tile in your kitchen. If your kitchen is in need of a pick-me-up, there are a few minor adjustments you can make to freshen up the room. One is installing new backsplash tile. This is a home improvement project you can definitely take on...

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