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This month at E.C.O. well be focusing on caring for the planet through the lens of film and literature, and what better way to start the month than with the literature that is cookbooks. As youre probably well aware by now the food you eat directly affects our planet, however changing your diet doesnt have to mean sacrificing on taste and flavour.

The first time I heard about BOSH! was when I went to Hay Festival two years ago. I booked onto their talk which covered how and why they came to create BOSH! and I was immediately drawn in. The book was created by two friends Henry and Ian who had become vegan and wanted to make their food flavoursome without the need of meat substitutes. As two massive food lovers BOSH! was their initial challenge but since theyve created another three cookbooks, have a tv show on ITV, and are working on a meal and exercise plan.

BOSH! healthy vegan cookbook

I cant recommend their recipes enough and they even have most of them on their website for free (although I would recommend buying their cookbooks). Having tried and tested dozens of their recipes (and still to find one I dont like) heres a breakdown of my top 5 favourite BOSH! recipes:

The Ultimate Chilli
This is, in my opinion, hands down their best recipe. The flavours are just what you would expect from a chilli with no holding back on flavour. The only difference with the chilli is the mince, its just diced mushrooms. If youre wondering how diced mushrooms can be anything like mince then you should definitely give this recipe a go. This is a massive crowd pleaser and went down a storm on family games nights. Id recommend serving with brown rice, coconut yoghurt and jalapeos.
Get the recipe here.

Cauliflower Buffalo Wings
If youre a hot wing lover in withdrawal since going plant based then this is the recipe for you. The wings crisp beautifully in the oven and contain copious amounts of buffalo sauce so theyre packed with flavour and heat. They do take a little time to prepare and cook so its easier to prepare in advance. These were a massive hit on New Years Eve for meat eaters and vegetarians alike.
Get the recipe here.

Sticky Toffee Pudding
This is my all time favourite dessert so this was the first BOSH! dessert recipe I tried baking and it didnt disappoint. The method is simple and there arent too many ingredients making it a great bake for a Sunday night. When I baked this for my family everyone was so surprised that it was vegan. Its now my favourite dessert recipe and hey who said vegan food had to be boring or healthy?
Get the recipe here.

Vegan sticky toffee pudding

Bangers in Blankets
If you want something that tastes just like the real deal then look no further. I first tried this recipe on Christmas Day 2019 after seeing a BOSH! vegan double spread in The Times (risky I know). This alongside theirnut roastmade it the best Christmas dinner Ive ever cooked. These are great for any roast dinner or British classic meal. Id highly recommend using the Richmond vegan sausages as these have the perfect texture for bangers in blankets.
Get the recipe here.

Curry House Jalfrezi
This is a great go to curry recipe for weekends when you have time to indulge in cooking. While making a curry can be a time consuming task this one is so worth it. It has all of the flavours of your everyday curry and in lieu of meat is aubergine. We recommend making a double batch of this recipe and freezing it to make it last!
Get the recipe here.

As it was so hard to limit my list to just five recipes here are another five of their amazing recipes without the spiel :

  • Thai red curry
  • Rich and creamy lasagne
  • Sundried tomato hummus
  • Tom yum soup
  • Gooey PJ brownies

Hopefully this article has given you an insight into just how exciting plant based food can be and will challenge you to try a few of the BOSH! recipes.

Lauren works as a fundraiser for an international charity and volunteers in her spare time for an animal charity doing all things digital. On the last Sunday of the month youll catch her out on a canoe litter picking on the Thames. Her favourite eco product is BECO soap.

Lauren Morgan

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