Hara chana Kebab- Green Chickpeas Recipe

Hara Chana Kabab with green chutney is a must-try green chickpeas recipe in the season when fresh chickpeas are available. If you think there is no such thing as vegetarian kebab, you have got to try this once and I am sure you will change your opinion soon

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As I said, If you are a vegetarian like me, you should not be missing out delicious melt in mouth kebabs. Veg kebab is definitely a thing. This crispy outside and soft melt in mouth kebab recipe with green chickpeas is delicious and wholesome appetizer recipe. You can cook and serve it in less than 20 minutes!

From veg seekh kebab recipe to Veg Galouti Kebab or kofta kebab I have cook may types of vegetarian kebab recipes. This hara chana kabab also known as Hare chane ki Shami Kebab is a great recipe to make with fresh green chickpeas.

You can make these with green peas when green chickpeas are not in season.

The Best thing about these chickpeas kebab is a combination of flavours and textures. What I love most about Hara Chane Ke Kebab is its texture.
Unlike other kebabs, these do not only melt in the mouth but also crunchy, creamy and absolutely delicious.

The crunchiness of green chickpeas, the creaminess of cottage cheese/paneer and just the right amount of spices. Just one bite of this flavorful appetizer and there is a blast of flavours in your mouth.

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Ingredients For a Perfect Veg Kebab Recipe

Most of the ingredients for this Veg kabab recipe are easily available. However, I am listing the key Ingredients and in case you do not have any of these available and their best substitutions.

Boiled and Mashed potatoes I make a lot of recipes using boiled and mashed potatoes. I stock that in my fridge most of the times. You can cook the potatoes and mash them with ricer or potato masher.

Also, potato flakes work well too. So you can reconstitute as per packet direction and use them also.

Paneer Again Paneer or Indian cottage cheese is a very popular choice in Indian recipes. You can substitute paneer with Ricotta cheese if thats not available. But best is always fresh paneer, I have a fail-proof method of making paneer at home, so you can makesoft and creamy paneer cheese easily at home.

Shami Kabab Masala Kabab masala is a key spicing ingredient here, but in case you are not able to find it, Kitchen king masala, or instead use a teaspoon of a mix of coriander powder and cumin powder with a pinch of cinnamon to substitute Kabab masala. However, the taste of kebab will alter slightly.

Rest all the spices are easily available. In case you are finding any difficulty please let me know in comments below I will try to help you out in figuring it.

Green Chickpeas

Green chickpeas are popularly known as Choliya or hara chana in India and are very healthy. Full of fiber and vitamins, they help in maintaining cholesterol and weight loss as a part of healthy diet.

These are low GI food, so even diabetic can include green chickpeas safely in their diet. Chickpeas nutrition benefits make it a great choice for healthy weight loss recipes as well.

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How to Shape Kebabs

I usually shape the Hara bhara kababs in signature round shapes. You can make these juicy kebabs in any shape you want, be it a circle or in disc shapes (a flat circular shape like kachori) or even skew them on a seekh/wooden skewer for a seekh kebab.

How To Cook Veg Kebabs

There vegetarian kabab are easy to cook, even a beginner can cook these. Traditionally kebabs are cooked in tandoor. But in most of the urban homes, clay tandoor is not available. So next best thing is to shallow-fry, so you dont even feel guilty of overeating when you pop some extra.

You can go a step extra and air Fry them and make them even more healthy.

Electric tandoor is great for grilling kebabs. If there is grilling season going on You can definitely grill them on an outdoor grill. These are a pretty good vegetarian option for grilling.

How To Serve Green Chickpeas Veg Kabab

I know, to pop the kabab straight out of the pan sounds great, but you can serve it in other ways too.

  • These kebabs are healthy and tasty party appetizers. And also a perfect tea-time snack to serve as a part of your High Tea menu.
  • I usually make Hare Chane Ke Kebab and serve it with spicy green chutney as an evening snack.
  • These are perfect to pack in the lunch box along with some bread and hummus. You can even make a Kebab roll or wrap with mayo or coleslaw with whole wheat tortilla or Paratha.
  • For weekends parties serve it as a veg platter with some lettuce, tomatoes, and feta cheese, olives or maybe as a part of a mezze platter.

Veg Kebabs Recipe Hara chana Kebabs stepwise

To make Kebab, start with blending Hara chana/green chickpeas in a blender jar or food processor. Crush the green chickpeas/Hara chana by pulsing them 2-3 times.

After, that take a mixing bowl and add Hara Chana paste (green peas) along with breadcrumbs, mashed potatoes, and grated paneer/cottage cheese, black pepper in it. (If you want you can make fresh breadcrumbs by blending the bread in a jar. Clean the jar after blending the green peas.)

Then add roasted gram flour, salt, green chili, kebab masala, and coriander leaves in the bowl. Mix them well.

Mix the ingredients to make a dough. When you have made the dough of the desired texture, keep it aside and grease your palm with little oil.

Take a small portion of the kebab mix and roll them in the shape of patties. (As shown in the picture below)

Shape all the kebab dough in the form of patties. When done, keep them aside and heat oil in a pan for shallow frying the Veg Shami Kebabs.

When the oil starts to smoke gently add the kebabs in the pan. Add 4-5 kebabs at a time.

Now, shallow fry the Kebabs until they are golden brownish in color. Flip and turn the kebabs and cook from all the sides.

When the kebabs are crispy from outside and have golden color to them, switch off the heat and serve them hot with mint chutney.

Stepwise Detailed Video

If you still have any doubt, I suggest watching this step by step video. This will help you in understand the various cooking stages and steps of cooking veg kebab. It is definitely going to make it easier to cook a veg Kebab even if you are a beginner.

Recipe Notes and Tips

  • You can always make the chana kabab in bulk and freeze them in a ziplock bag. Since they stay good in the freezer for weeks, you can always prepare them ahead.
  • I have shallow fried the kabab you can air fry or deep fry them as per your choice.
  • To make Vegan Kebab substitute Paneer with Tofu.

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Hare Chana Kebab Choliya Kebab Indian Green Chickpeas Recipe

Course Appetizer, Breakfast
Cuisine arabic, indian cuisine
Prep Time 10 minutes
Cook Time 10 minutes
Total Time 20 minutes
Servings 4
Calories 290kcal
Author Rekha Kakkar


  • 300 grams Green Chana
  • 75 grams Breadcrumbs
  • 200 grams Boiled Mashed Potato
  • 50 gms Paneer Grated
  • 2 Green Chili Chopped
  • Salt
  • 20 grams Gram Flour/Besan
  • 1 teaspoon Garam Masala
  • 1 teaspoon Black Pepper
  • 1 teaspoon Shami Kabab Masala
  • Green Coriander Leaves
  • 2 tablespoon Oil


  • Take 200 gms of Hara chana in a blender jar or food processor crush the green chickpeas/Hara chana by pulsing them 2-3 times. Take care not to over process them.
  • After the chickpeas, clean the blender jar and add bread to make fresh breadcrumbs.
  • Boil potatoes and mash them. Keep them aside.
  • After that take 50 grams of cottage cheese and grate them.
  • Now, take a mixing bowl and add green peas paste, breadcrumbs, mashed potatoes, grated paneer/cottage cheese, chopped green chilies and two teaspoons of besan in it.
  • After the ingredients, it is time to add the spices to the mixing bowl. Add a teaspoon of garam masala, black pepper, Shami kabab masala simultaneously.
  • Add some freshly chopped coriander leaves in the bowl and mix them to make a dough.
  • Grease some oil in palm and take small amounts of green kabab, mix them and roll them in the shape of patties.
  • When you have shaped the kabab in form of patties then proceed with shallow frying them until they are golden brownish in color.
  • When you are done shallow frying or deep frying the kebabs, switch off the heat and serve hot with mint chutney.
  • You can also make it a quick wrap for a go-to snack by wrapping the kebabs with feta cheese and some onions and tomatoes.



Calories: 290kcal | Carbohydrates: 33g | Protein: 10g | Fat: 13g | Saturated Fat: 3g | Cholesterol: 8mg | Sodium: 357mg | Potassium: 394mg | Fiber: 6g | Sugar: 2g | Vitamin C: 6mg | Calcium: 136mg | Iron: 4mg

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