Ideas for mid-week dinners... brought to you by Tesco

Good evening to you all,

So tonight I felt curious and decided to go on a hunt for some dinner ideas that websites especially design for students and I thought I’d start off tonight with Tesco’s and see how it goes! 😊

They all looked amazing, but these 3 were my favourites and definitely something I’d cook in the evenings 🤤

This looks incredible… so appetising and low ingredients too!

Again…. definitely something I could demolish! I love the combination of chorizo and cheese and I can imagine the taste already in my mouth 😍😍😍

Anyone who knows me personally… knows that i absolutely love a curry 🤪 this looks delicious! Also, so simple to make and not many ingredients to get definitely worth a try 👌🏽

So in all…

I can honestly say I believe Tesco’s have done a great job with the recipes they provide for students…. all of them seem so simple but so tasty! The methods are very clear and from looking, most of them seem to only require a little amount in the oven or to cook on the hob. I also hope this post was useful to anyone who needs some inspiration with cooking right now and I’d love to hear back from you, even just sending some ideas you have for me to do or recipes you wanted to share I would love it 😊

Keep safe my little chefs 👩‍🍳💖

Tesco’s website

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