Meal Plans 4

I had another little hiatus while I got busy with work and fun times (a dear friend’s hen’s weekend last weekend!). But I’m back! I realised when I’m busy it feels way harder to stick to the vegan until 6 thing, as I have less time to get organised so this week I’m focusing on things that I’ve been eating for breakfast and lunch that we’re just EASY.


1. I’ve been loving granola, coconut yoghurt and fresh berries for breakfast. This delicious maple sweetened granola is a breeze to make if you want an easy project today, or just buy some!

2. Sourdough toast with this chilli cashew dip and avocado is a very good time.


1. I threw a last minute chickpea salad together for lunch twice last week that was basically this one minus the feta, or you could use a vegan marinated ‘feta’ instead.

2. My partner made a delicious massaman curry for dinner last week and it reminded me of how good this cauliflower and potato massaman curry would be as a batch cook lunch dish!


1. I’ve been craving eggs at the moment so this cheesy polenta with fried eggs, crispy kale and blistered tomatoes is on the list.

2. These sticky lemongrass chicken thighs on a bed of crispy lettuce are the perfect light meal.

3. Herb Crusted Salmon with a fennel salad is a delicious and filling meal. You can swap the salmon out for trout or barramundi too.

4. Zucchini and ricotta stuffed pasta shells please. So comforting and satisfying!


Veggie sticks dipped in that cashew and chilli dip I mentioned, handfuls of homemade granola and a sweet treat: olive oil and tahini chocolate chip cookies!

HH. x

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