#MyLittleGenius Campaign by Seven Seas – Share The creative Side of your Child

There was a time when parents wanted their kids to be focused on academics, but today with time we have realized that kids these days are a creative lot too.  So many parents realize that in the absence of modern-day distractions like mobile phones or gaming devices kids and their creative minds came up with incredibly creative things and innovations.


With curiosity combined with creativity their imagination knows no bounds. They saw orange sticks lying in certain pattern, they imagined a doll, they saw a clothespin some where they thought of an airplane. Kids with their imagination and creativity have invented so many creative things.

But for fueling the creative minds and unlocking that genius potential Kids also need the right nutrition, love and encouragement from us parents. Keeping with the thought of “Fueling every child’s Genius Potential”, Seven Seas has initiated this campaign #MyLittleGenius this Children’s day.

So, this children’s day let’s celebrate the genius potential of our little ones with Seven Seas #MyLittleGenius

I really can’t get over this beautiful cake toppers my nephew created using these cupcake liners and popsicle sticks.

You too can share the genius potential of your little one and get to be a part of The Museum of Genius by Seven Seas!

Here’s how you can participate:

Share your child’s creations on SevenSeas Facebook page SevenSeasIN, by typing #MyLittleGenius, to get featured on the grand launch of the Museum of Genius by Raveena Tandon.

To know more about the Museum of Genius you can checkout this link https://bit.ly/32flRrw

You can also Click a picture of your child using the #MyLittleGenius filter, and let the world know! Follow the link: http://bit.ly/SevenSeasAR

About SEVEN SEAS – Brand’s Message

Seven Seas is a globally renowned brand to cater to the needs of a child’s overall health development with a heritage of over 74 years in India. Generations of Indians have grown up eating the cod liver oil golden pearls, including me 🙂 I remember my Mom giving this to me religiously! And now I am continuing the same with my Children.

Seven seas as a brand realises that with modern day technology and distractions we need to focus on Kids’ early years of development. Brain development along with overall development is of utmost importance in the early years of a Childs life.

Along with genetics and external factors like environment, right nutrition is most important during this phase.  DHA (docosahexaenoic acid), the building block of grey matter in our brain, constitutes of 30-40% of brain fat. DHA benefits greatly to Hippocampus (brain’s limbic system). Thus, DHA directly supports memory, learning ability and emotions in a child.

In first 6 years of a child’s life their brain grows up to 90-95% of the size of an adult. DHA plays a crucial part to support brain development. And our body cannot make DHA on its own. So, DHA which is an essential Omega 3 fatty acid can only be obtained from external sources. Cod liver oil is a natural and a rich source of DHA and EPA along with Vitamin A and D. Now Seven Seas has launched Seven Seas Kids Emulsion in yummy orange flavor for children above 2 years.

Most of the time common Indian diet is low in DHA. We do consume Omega-6 but Omega-3 intake is still quite less in regular diet. A balanced ratio of Omega 6 and Omega 3 is a must for healthy brain functions.  Seven Seas Kids Emulsion provides 3 times DHA compared to malt-based drinks. from Cod liver oil to support brain DHA and is a direct source of DHA

Seven Seas strives to support overall development for children and fuel every child’s growth, learning ability, concentration and memory to unlock true potential. Thus, I truly believe that the little golden pearls of cod liver oil by Seven Seas helps every mom add extra goodness to their child’s holistic growth.

This Children’s day let us all fuel the true genius potential in our little geniuses and showcase their abilities with the world! Happy Children’s day to all the little geniuses!

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