Tamarind Egg Stew-ish with my self-deprecation to taste| Recipe

Tamarind Egg Stew-ish and Rice

Tamarind Egg Stew-ish and rice became lunch yesterday. I’ve never dealt with tamarind a lot in life, but this was nice to work with. It’s easy-peasy and super high on flavour so, love it even more. My good lads have asked me to be more descriptive with what I post so I’ve put up a commentary cum tale of this egg stew-ish here. All the gods of cooking a decent (read: excellent) meals who also write about it have moved me enough to make more than just substandard efforts for lunch. This is me stepping up, I guess.

How did I reach this recipe, you ask me? This food galore, when it makes it to the internet, is twisted, turned and adapted by people to make it their own. If not through a patent, at least by the feeling of having produced edible goodness maybe around lunchtime. I reached this recipe through the process of reading an ocean of newsletters and journal that have time and again documented efforts of fixing a decent meal. Hence, the credit goes to everybody, let’s just say that. This is just my take on the egg stew-ish. I call it stew-ish because, well, read through you’ll know why (cue: I didn’t have coconut milk).

You’ll need:

5 Boiled Eggs, 2 big onions, 3 tomatoes, curry leaves (I use LOTS), ginger, garlic, green chillies, a cup of grated coconut or coconut milk, milk (more than a cup), tamarind soaked water, turmeric powder, cumin seeds, garam masala and salt. If you happen to find a high-functioning nose and good taste buds, those will be of great help too. I used my sibling’s, just saying. Cannot rely on my own judgement when cooking for the whole family on some days.


In a hot cooking pot with coconut oil, add jeera (cumin seeds) chopped curry leaves, followed by onion paste. As it begins to cook, throw in ginger garlic and green chillies’ paste. I like to keep the spice level high, so I adjust the paste accordingly. At this point, onions sing and I cry my eyes out, see if you can use any no-crying hacks (I don’t know of any full-proof ones yet).

Turmeric powder, salt and cumin powder (very little) go in. Dice tomatoes and add them to the pot. In the time that tomatoes mellow down, in another pan quickly roast a cup (or more 🤤) of grated coconut till they turn golden brown in colour. Once done, add them to the stew-in-the-making. Can skip this if you have fresh coconut milk too, I didn’t. With this, add milk, adjust the consistency with milk as you like and TASTE. Shouldn’t be too milky, no? I’ve only realized recently how important tasting and adjusting food for ourselves is. It defines your palette and you as a person too, yeah? So TASTE, TASTE & TASTE!

Now, comes in the hero of the whole show, tamarind water. The tamarind we use at home are very strong and sourced from Kerala – so around 4 tbsp of good tam-water (yes, we’re cool like that) works for me. Time for the garam masala to go in and boiled eggs cut into halves. Very little stirring after eggs go in so they don’t shatter in the stew. Our stew-ish won’t appreciate an earthquake, please note. After much masterchef-y feels in the kitchen, go eat.

Oh, and don’t forget to make jeera rice, unless you’re impatient like me and begin feasting with whatever you have. :)

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