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Food and a fascination with it has always been a part of my life, as long as I can remember. As a kid I remember watching my mother making dinner, cookies and cakes and the fabulous smells that would come the kitchen.

Both my grandparents were also great cooks. My paternal grandmother was Sri Lankan and her house the moment you entered made your mouth water. She made everything from scratch. Her house had an amazing aroma and now that she has passed I wish that I had asked her for copies of her recipes. All her curries she made from a row of spices in her kitchen that she mixed in her huge mortar and pestle. Now that I live in Manhattan I wish I could locate a curry leaf plant and a chili bush.

My maternal grandmother was more of a traditional cook. She was English and did a killer roast. Her roast chicken was out of this world. Some of her vegetables were boiled to oblivion and brought back to life with a teaspoon of bicarb of soda!! But she had a handful of dishes that she did well, including her lemon delicious pudding. Which I do have a copy and so glad I did get it years ago.

But I think the biggest influence on my love for food and cooking was my Mum. She is an amazing cook and now that I have moved out of home makes some amazing dishes.

There are some signature dishes that she makes that when I have had a particularly difficult week will make as a sense of nostalgia, but it never tastes the same. Her eggplant pasta, buttered chicken curry, Christmas pudding, pea and ham soup, Italian eggs, mango fool, there are so many.

Now that I am older and live on the other side of the planet one of the things I love is that we now trade recipes. Each week we talk about meals that we have made and how they taste and things we would do differently as we felt they didn’t work. Adding a different herb, maybe some bread crumbs for a bit of texture or some vegemite to make it more savory.

If you haven’t guessed food is my love and I hope to write about everything that fascinates me about it and maybe a discovery or two along the way.

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